First bivy bag test

As I was early up this morning, I decided to test the new Rab bivy bag, and also to see how quick I could set it up.
I was a perfect morning for it; about 3ºC and a bit of morning damp.

Set up was fairly easy, as in about 2 minutes I had the kit layed out. I used a simple nylon bivy bag as a ground sheet, on which I putted the Thermarest Pro Lite 4. As a sleeping bag I used the Decathlon Ultralite SQ down bag.
In the beginning my feet (no socks) where a bit cold, but in no time I felt very comfortable, and slept well for about an hour, as the the noise of the dustcollectors truck woke me up and reminded me to put the dustbin at the street for pick up.

Checking my sleeping bag showed no moisture or condensation, it was quite dry, only the inside of the bivy bag had some moisture just around the opening.


Bivy bags

Today our new bivy bags arrived. We’ve choosen the Rab Survival zone.
First test: tonight in our garden.

Sunny Sunday Hike

It was a lazy Sunday morning, the sun was shining and our arms were a bit tired from swimming and climbing the day before.
We weren’t allowed to run and we didn’t feel like cleaning our bikes (again).
So we went for a little stroll on and around the Regte Heide between Goirle and Riel.
Although the weather was great there were not much other people around; just the way we like it.

3 Hours and 15 km’s later we came home with tired legs and our heads full of this beautiful piece of nature we’d just discovered.
More pictures can be found here